Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, there is an unprecedented epidemic outbreak worldwide. In such cases, supporting and working together is more important than ever. As Seven Hills Educational Trust and a mosque in Surrey Quays, we have launched an IFTAR PACKAGE campaign to support those who are affected by this situation and who need help, who cannot get out due to other health issues.

We hope that, in cooperation with Lewisham Council and with your generous help we will reach out to many needy people.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, you can also create a list of people in need and direct them to us. We will also need volunteers to help distribution. Marathon Science School, located in Surrey Quays, will be a distribution centre.

Our goal is to deliver as many parcels as possible.

1 x Aid Package = £ 25        4 x Aid Package = £ 100      10 x Aid Package = £ 250

You can make your donations directly to the following Bank Account.

ACCOUNT NO: 61878174   SORT CODE: 40-03-04    IBAN: GB03HBUK40030461878174

Write “food bank, Fitra, zakat, sadaqah” as a reference

May Allah accept your help and generosity.

Jazakallah Khayr

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